Read on this article to know more about how cold weather could result in water damage in your property: 

Frozen or burst pipes 

Burst or frozen pipes are the most typical cold weather water damage. While the water freezes, it places unwanted pressure and expands your water pipes. Once that pressure becomes overbearing, it could result in your pipes to burst. Consequently, the water will flow until it is switched off at the source water shutoff valve. Depending on when you found out about the problem and when the pipe bursts, it could lead to extreme flooding. 

Roof leaks and ice dams 

Ice dams are second on the list in terms of possible winter water damage. While snow accumulates on your roof, it would undergo through the cycles of thawing and freezing. During the water phase, it could absorb in under or between the shingles of your roof. Once it freezes again, it will expand that causes your shingles to be pushed up. As time passes by, this could make small holes where water could reach within your roof and lead to damage. 

Water Heater Damage 

Commonly, the most unanticipated cause of cold weather water damage is water heater damage. During winter, groundwater is extremely cold and, at times, it is as low as 4.4 degrees Celsius. At this rate, your water heater should work a lot harder just to generate hot water, which causes added strain that wears out the unit rapidly. Also, it might result in a water heater flood or even leaks. Thankfully, you can stop water heater damage during the winter season. The key here is to have your tank winterized during the fall season.  

 Snowmelt Flooding 

Winters all over the country have started to be less obvious due to massive temperature swings. This leads to quickly melting the snow, which could usually overwhelm both the storm and soil sewers. Snowmelt flooding could penetrate into crawl spaces or basements as with flooding throughout other times of the year. Usually, slow leaks grow during the winter, however, a flood could occur at any time. 

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