Your gutters serve a vital role when it comes to protecting your property. Gutters keep water from building up and being stagnant all over your home. Once you learn the hazards of stagnant water, you will know why it is important to take care of your gutters. Moreover, you can also guarantee that they are in good repair and free from debris. 

Increased foundation pressure 

Is your gutter overflowing, which enables water to pool next to your property? Or your gutter downspouts deposit water extra close to your foundation letting water stagnate? If this is the case, that water could place unnecessary pressure on your foundation. Once you observe a puddle of standing water near your property, it only indicates that the soil below is entirely saturated with water already, which places undue pressure on the sides of your foundation. As a result, this could result in cracking or bulging of your basement walls. 

Settling foundation 

Water that drains away is the second issue with the buildup of water against your foundation. Once stagnant water already places pressure on your foundation, your property’s foundation could move and settle once the water ultimately drains away. Once your foundation settles, it could result in cracks in the foundation or walls and uneven floors. It could also result in shifts or cracks in other structures in your home, like your mason chimney. 

Pest growth 

Standing water could have a bad effect on your health and your pet’s health. Stagnant water plays as a breeding place for flies and mosquitos to breed. Mosquitoes transmit a host of ailments, which could infect humans. In addition, they can infect your pets as well with heartworms. Once you enable standing water to become stagnant within your property, you are allowing the diseases and pests to transmit into your yard.  

 Moldy or flooded basement 

Stagnant water near the foundation of your home could result in too much moisture in your basement. This could imply mold development near your basement walls or flooding in your basement if there’s rain. Flooding or dampness in your basement could ruin your furniture, and damage the ceilings and walls. It can even destroy any possessions you’ve kept there or it can destroy your flooring as well.  

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