Why Should You Choose a Pet Sitter?

If we plan to go out of town, we find it hard to leave our pets alone in our properties. However, unexpected circumstances could happen, which makes it impossible for you to take your pet with you. If this is the case, your best option would be to hire a pet sitter. Keep on reading as we share to you the reasons why must you opt having a pet sitter to take care of your furry friends: 

Minimize the risk of being sick 

If you leave your pets in a boarding facility, there is a possibility that they will become sick because they are exposed to some dogs that might have been infected. This is usually termed as Bordetella, which is common for your furry pets to come back with extremely contagious symptoms, like cough, lethargy, and fever. Bordetella is an upper respiratory infection could be treated with antibiotics and needs veterinary treatment. You can reduce this risk if you hire a pet sitter for your dog. 


Once you are away from your pets, your dogs could undergo separation anxiety. This usually happens once pets are placed within a boarding facility. A lot of facilities guarantee the best playtime for your pets to relieve their stress and anxiety, however, a pet sitter could give them the full attention they require to feel less stressed or anxious. 

Minimal changes 

Your dog’s anxiety could be aggravated by a change in the schedule and atmosphere. Once it gets back on time, a facility will care for and feed your pet based on their schedule. On the other hand, once you get a pet sitter, you can ask them to feed or walk your pets at a certain time so that they can maintain the schedule that they are used to. You can provide the pet sitter a schedule for them to be informed. We guarantee you, doing this can help your dogs to feel calmer. 

Boosted communication 

Increased communication is one of the advantages you can get by hiring a pet sitter. He/she can give you updates through text messages or emails. This can definitely give you peace of mind knowing that your beloved pet is well taken care of. This way, you are ensured that they are in good hands. 

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